Reduce Stress Daily With the Hug-Me Pillow

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TheSoundWell Sonic Harmonic Solutions

Unwind Yourself and reduce stress daily with the UnwindMe Portable Mat

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TheSoundWell Sonic Harmonic Solutions

Reduce Stress Daily

With Vibroacoustic Therapy

Harmonic sonic waves, sensed as gentle inner body massage, rinse you and hug you from within, and end mental, emotional and physical stress.

Olav Skille the inventor of Vibroacoustic therapy (Norway /Finland) found the correlation between specific low sound frequencies in the range between 30hz-120hz and reduction /elimination of pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety . The HugMePillow includes 4 frequencies and the UnWindMe mat includes 7 frequencies, as well as, an amplifier and on line training.

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HugMePillow and UnWindMe Mat are not “another” solution out there, there for, you can not compare. TheSoundWell offers a game changer in increasing life quality by optimizing vitality, sleeping better and activating calmness on demand with harmonic low sound frequencies inner body massage to organs, tissues and cells.

Hug-Me Pillow

The HugMe pillow provides harmonic low sound frequency pillow and the vibrations sensations of gentle waves, not only deeply relaxes you , but gives you the feeling of self-love and positive energies.

After a nasty day at work, after feeling overwhelmed, stressed, lonely and sad there is nothing compared to harmonic hug me pillow. It will provide positive attitude, better mood, compassion and tolerance to the people around you.

UnWindMe Mat

UnWindMe is a portable personal vibromat harmonic low sound frequencies. We all accumulate mental, emotional and physical stress daily and that is why we need to reduce it daily.

UnWindMe is your personal portable self-help tool to reduce stress and recharge vitality. You unwind it, place on your bed, sofa, chair or the floor and unwind yourself… then, you roll it and take on the go again.

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“The incorporation of vibroacoustic therapy into my massage practice has widened my client base. In addition to what most people see me for – muscle aches/soreness, stress reduction, injury and limited range of motion, VAT has given me the opportunity to treat people with chronic conditions such as MS, COPD, Migraines, Parkinsons, post-Stroke, and other neurological conditions. VAT helps people manage symptoms, giving them more control of their own healing processes, thereby improving quality of life.”

Karina Yanku, LMT New York, NY

” I have had a pleasure of experiencing Vibroacoustic Therapy with Avigail twice. Over the years I have experienced different mind-body healing modalities, including Reiki, massage, and acupuncture and I believe this is one of the most effective methods to bring immediate results. Both times I have been suffering from pain due to injury on my left knee as well as stress. After only 20 min of treatment with Vibroacoustic therapy I felt much better; more relaxed and peaceful and also my pain has subsided. Avigail is a great healer; she is very warm and patient and she makes it a safe and wonderful experience. I highly recommend her work.”

Mateja Petje, MS, LMFT, NLPP

“Vibroacoustic therapy, absolutely astounding. My first experience was one to remember. I entered the room and immediately felt a calming sensation through my body before I even lay down on the bed. Avigail walked me through the process, helping me feel my body from the inside, to see where I had built up tension. I found a huge knot in my upper back and Avigail chose the best frequency to treat this part of my body, 40Hz . I laid still on the bed as the vibrations resonated with in my body, vibrating my organs from the inside out. After only a couple minutes, I drifted out of conciousness. during the session I drifted in and out a few times. Each time I came back to consciousness, my body was under full paralysis and I acknowledged the consistent vibrations that flowed through my entire body.

Upon completing the session, I my entire body felt more relaxed than it had in months. I felt as if I had awoken from several hours of deep meditation. The knot in my back was completely gone.

After my first experience with VAT, I had completely accepted and incorporated VAT into my mind; I developed a longing for more.”

Johnathan Thoresen - Student